The Swarm online travel website provided by Jaunt2, is an easy to use and complete travel platform that offers Swarm members discounted rates on hotels, flights, transportation, event tickets, and more. A portion of each member booking from the travel platform goes directly to Swarm and aids in expanding awareness and support of Swarm and our mission.

Members Benefit:

  • Platform is for members only.
  • Access to the lowest discounted rates on travel bookings.
  • NEW – Free Teammate membership option which provides members with access to the discounted travel website where they will earn loyalty points based their travel purchases.
  • Loyalty Points – members earn one Swarm Point for every dollar ($1) in commission earned from travel purchased. As loyalty points accrue and combine with cash contributions, members can move through the different membership levels with access to additional Swarm benefits.

Benefit the Swarm, help the Hawks win championships, and receive discounted rates and loyalty points on every booking – it’s a win-win!