Our athletes have been involved in community service initiatives in the local communities within Iowa City and, for some, way beyond!

JDRF One Walk

This event, which is for the type 1 diabetes community, aims to drive research, advocacy, and support to improve lives while funding research for cures. Our team of athletes, including Hannah Stuelke, Ethan Hurkett, Luke Gaffney, Jada Gyumri, and Pryce Sandfort, all participated in the JDRF walk from Cedar Rapids to Des Moines!

ASAB (Association Sportif Aide au Basketball) Basketball Camp

Back home, Ladji Dembele organized a basketball camp, not only sharing his love for the sport but also making a significant impact on the local basketball community by giving away Hawkeye basketball gear. His initiative left a lasting impression, inspiring others to use their skills for community service. 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Assembly Event

Josh Dix and Pryce Sandfort joined Riverside Casino staff to help Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a nonprofit that builds and delivers beds for children in need. They built ten new beds in just one day!

School Guest Speaker 

While back in his hometown, Mali, Africa, Ladji Dembele made a heartwarming visit to his former school, École prima ire de Daoudabougou, as an honored guest. His purpose was to engage with the children and emphasize the importance of education, as many kids in the area tend to resist attending school at a young age. Following his inspiring talk, he took memorable photos with the students and graciously signed autographs, leaving a lasting impact on the young minds.